How C4 started


All good ideas start with a need. The need for a better jersey, a better short. Quality items that look great, perform well, and are exceedingly comfortable. C4 has been in the sports apparel business for 15 years, helping events and clubs get decked out in great gear. 2019 has been an exciting year for C4, as we work with both new and long term clients to introduce a wide range of new items, and promote recycled polyester and natural fabrics whenever we can. 2020 will see an increased number of items using recycled fabrics, across all of our performance items and headwear. Come out and rediscover C4. 

Why C4?


C4 is dedicated to providing athletes with performance wear that is at the apex of quality and performance, but at great prices and value points. Our goal is to make sure that every customer we sell to becomes a life-long advocate for our brand, one person at a time. Nothing less than over the top value, service, and attention to the individual needs of each customer.